Update #4 | Finally licensed in Washington state.

FINALLY! I have finished applying for a non-profit through the state! One big hurdle done, on to the others! Now that I am filed in the state, I can move forward making relationships with state entities, and hopefully get this ball really rolling! It will be good to develop rapport with the homeless communities and …

Update: Making progress & coming up top battling the unknowns.

Making progress, battling the expected unexpected hurdles at his time, but making progress. Here's to hoping I can disclose everything in about a week and a half.

Update: Name, website, & some materials.

I will add details as they come together. I have bought the domains for sponsoracan.org and sponsor-a-can.org. Which do you think we should go with?

The Start.

The Start Creating a non-profit to collect garbage regularly from the homeless.