Our Mission

Sponsor-A-Can is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions of individuals and communities facing poverty worldwide. We are here to foster a cleaner & healthier community for all people in our community by providing services and tools that will aid in achieving these goals. We uphold the principles of dignity, respect, and empowerment for every person, regardless of their circumstances.

About Us

At Sponsor-A-Can, we’re dedicated to fostering healthier, cleaner communities through innovative waste management services. Founded with a mission to not only improve environmental cleanliness but also to empower those in need, we specialize in garbage and shopping cart collection services, with a focus on serving and uplifting homeless communities.

Our approach combines practical, immediate environmental impact with long-term strategies to help individuals facing poverty build sustainable futures. Through job training programs in waste management and community engagement initiatives, we’re committed to creating meaningful change — one neighborhood at a time. Join us in our journey towards a cleaner world and a brighter future for all.

Our Services

Silverdale Schedule

We have been hired by Kitsap County to clean the Silverdale Urban Growth Area three times per week. With your support we can go beyond the Silverdale UGA border and collect additional carts. We will expand our coverage area based on the addresses provided in the donations we receive.


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


Silverdale Urban Growth Area

Domestic Development


Begin contract for scheduled collection, clean, and return service focusing the Silverdale Urban Growth Area.


Obtain 501c3.


Obtain GC license and pressure washing equipment to provide on-location cart scrub down service.

Social Media

End Of Day Reports

Cart Collection & Restoration

Collect, Clean, Return

Why You Should Be Concerned

At Sponsor-A-Can, our Cart Collection and Restoration Service extends beyond just retrieval – it’s a crucial step towards ensuring hygiene and safety in our communities. These carts, often laden with refuse, including hazardous materials and sometimes even human waste, pose significant health risks. By responsibly reclaiming and sanitizing these carts, we not only enhance urban cleanliness but also protect public health from potential diseases. Our service is driven by a deep sense of community care, recognizing that addressing such health hazards is as much about compassion and dignity as it is about cleanliness and order.

Our Solution

  1. Collection: We retrieve shopping carts found outside their designated areas, focusing on those used to contain garbage or left inappropriately in community spaces.
  2. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Each cart undergoes a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process, ensuring they are not just visually appealing but also hygienic and safe for use.
  3. Return to Owners: Post-cleaning, carts are promptly returned to their respective stores, restoring assets to businesses and clearing public areas.

How To Report Shopping Carts

You can report abandoned shopping carts in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Come to this website – Done!
  2. Click on, “Report Abandoned Carts”
  3. Fill out the form & press submit.

Please include relevant details, photos, & even use our one click location finding so we can find it quickly!


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