Our Story

Innovation Born from Necessity

Sponsor-A-Can’s journey began not just as a venture, but as a vision for a more connected and compassionate world. Our founder, inspired by the challenges faced in areas without traditional addresses, initially set out to develop a cutting-edge commerce platform. This platform, designed for location-based services using GPS coordinates, was more than just a technological leap – it was a step towards reimagining how we connect and serve communities.

A Pivot to Serve and Empower

While on a trip to the Philippines, a deeper understanding of the pervasive issues of homelessness and poverty sparked a profound shift in our mission. It became clear that the technology we were developing could do more than facilitate commerce; it could be a tool for social change. Thus, Sponsor-A-Can was born – an embodiment of our commitment to addressing these critical issues head-on.

Tackling Homelessness and Sanitation Challenges

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a devastating impact on numerous businesses, including our founder’s previous venture, we recognized the urgent need for essential services. Sponsor-A-Can became our response: a platform not just for commerce, but for community service. We focus on tracking and managing the byproducts of homelessness – garbage, misplaced shopping carts, and other unattended items – through innovative sanitation solutions.

More Than Just a Service – A Movement

At Sponsor-A-Can, we believe in changing narratives. Our approach goes beyond the traditional view of homelessness and poverty. We see an opportunity to reshape perspectives, to bring dignity and support to those who are often overlooked. Our services in garbage collection and cart retrieval are more than functional necessities; they’re steps towards building a cleaner, more empathetic, and inclusive society.

Looking Ahead

As we grow, our goal is not only to expand our sanitation services across the United States but also to further develop our commerce platform. This platform will serve as a beacon of innovation and connection, helping us reach and uplift more communities, both at home and abroad.

Join us on this journey of change, innovation, and compassion.

Our Vision & Mission


At Sponsor-A-Can, we envision a world where every community, irrespective of its economic status, has access to state-of-the-art sanitation and waste management services. Our vision extends beyond the boundaries of traditional waste collection – we see a future where technology, compassion, and environmental stewardship combine to create sustainable, clean, and supportive urban and rural landscapes. This vision is rooted in a world where poverty and homelessness do not equate to neglect, and where every individual has the opportunity to live in dignity within a clean and safe environment.


Sponsor-A-Can is dedicated to enhancing global living conditions through innovative waste management solutions, focusing on serving and uplifting homeless communities. Our mission intertwines practical environmental impact with a commitment to social responsibility. We aim to provide crucial sanitation services, reduce urban pollution, and reclaim misappropriated public and private property. Through our initiatives, we offer job training and employment opportunities to individuals facing poverty, empowering them to rebuild their lives with dignity. Our approach is to foster cleaner, healthier environments while upholding the principles of dignity, respect, and empowerment for every person, regardless of their circumstances.