Matthew Boisson


Moved to Silverdale, Washington in 1992. Began building my first business in 2005 focusing on automotive performance products. Following the 2008 recession I started my second business focusing on marketing & business development. Looking to improve myself I attended BE$T hosted by KCR, where I became a volunteer coach. During the lockdowns I started developing a commerce platform that could function globally. Recognizing the increase of poverty here in Silverdale, I caught a glimpse of an opportunity with this platform and following a trip to the Philippines in early 2023, the vision became clear. After visiting with Caitlin of Kitsap Public Works and Anne of the Commissioner’s Office, we were able to narrow in further on the needs of the community. Over the last couple months, I met many people of other non-profits including Mary of the Clear Creek Trail Task Force who found us a trailer to utilize that allowed us to get up and running.

Nicole Reed

Vice President

I have been a business owner here in Kitsap for about 10 years now after attending BE$T through KCR. I too became a coach and mentor for the BE$T program and that’s where I recognized my desire to be involved in the community. I have since realized that I have a strong desire to help those in our community and that is why I am now involved with Sponsor-A-Can.

My hope is to help the homeless and impoverished back on to their feet.

Paul Glaubitz

Volunteer Director

Born and raised in the Kitsap Peninsula, I have seen the growth of the homeless communites in this area over my lifetime, and with that I have seen the waste also increase I also know without volunteers like me or non-Profits the waste will not clean itself. As a former Marine honor, courage and commitment are some of my core fundamental values which I am able to apply to any situation. with my USMC background my fellow marines and I considered ourselves professional homeless with all of our camping and rucking, so, i am aware about the hardships and the requirement for cleanliness to live comfortably while camping. my desire is to see my hometown work together and help eachother by working with those that need it and those that are willing to provide it.

Jasmine Diaz


I was born and raised on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula. I have spent much of my early years aiding various organizations in cleanup and fundraising ventures and live to see this community thrive. I spent some years away from Kitsap, living in Phoenix, creating communities that support and care for each other. Upon returning I began to notice just how much of our community has fallen on hard times. I knew only by the care and action of community individuals such as myself working together would there be any difference made. I aim to provide an opportunity for our community to come together as one and take pride in not only our clean, healthy environment but also in the connection to one another and the prosperity I know each of our compassionate support can work together to bring about.

Sean Forness

Policy Director

Long-time Kitsap resident, US Navy veteran, & now working with the DoD. Would like to see the town he grew up return the clean and nearly crime free state it used to be in. Is involved with Sponsor-A-Can because he sees it as an opportunity to make a difference and aid in achieving that goal.

Michael Boisson

Non-Board Founder

As an advocate for community welfare and environmental stewardship, my involvement with “Sponsor-A-Can” reflects a deep commitment to local and global betterment, aligning with the overarching goals of Project Universe. By contributing to initiatives that directly improve living conditions and promote sustainability, I am not only aiding immediate community needs but also advancing the principles of Project Universe. This synergy demonstrates how local actions can have a ripple effect, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility essential for the broader mission of uplifting humanity. My work with “Sponsor-A-Can” embodies the ethos of Project Universe – making a tangible difference in individual lives while contributing to the grander vision of a united, sustainable future for all.