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    The Goal

    Our goal with this service was to have community support to collect, clean, and return shopping carts to their respective owners.

    Filled With Filth

    Have you ever wondered why a shopping cart at the store is sticky? You hope it’s because someone spilled their beverage on the cart, but you do not know. After pulling dozens upon dozens of carts out of homeless encampments filled with filth, learning that the carts making back to stores were not cleaned, and leaving a three year pandemic where health had been the utmost concern. It left us wondering if any one cleaned these carts, no one does and having lifted bags filled with human refuse out of carts we thought something must be done.

    Our Solution

    We have developed this tool to allow people to report carts and garbage left by the homeless. Sponsor-A-Can collects, cleans, and returns these carts to their respective owners.

    Why Donations

    Yes, we are charging the stores for collecting, cleaning and returning the carts to the store. The problem is not all stores are participating yet and why not collect and clean them all any way. As mentioned earlier, we all spent the last three years encouraging people to wear masks for something we could not see. We can see the filth that is left in these carts and are aware of the possible diseases or plagues that could be associated with it.