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Expenditures | Generalized

These figures are subject to change. We have put this page together in effort to provide maximum transparency. Information on this page will likely change frequently until we have solidified our standard operating procedures and expenditures. Prices are approximations.


This is the rough average price of fuel on August 14, 2023. Expect this to be quite volatile. Our current vehicle has a capacity of about 21 gallons.

$5.10/gal. This is a rough average of the per gallon in Kitsap county.
$107.10 Full tank of fuel. (5.10×21)

Trailer Rental

Trailer Rentals from Home Depot

$50.00/day Channel Frame Trailer 5’x8′
$55.00/day Solid Wall Trailer 5’x8′
$179.00/day Dump Trailer 5’x8′


We would like to encourage people to consider this as a possible career. We came to this rate by considering a multitude of factors.

$50.00/day This price is utilizing the Presidents truck. The cost considers the monthly payment broken down to a daily cost and the maintenance.


Pricing per Silverdale Recycling & Garbage
*Tax not included.

Varies In-Can Garbage – $14 for first can (tax included) | ​$8 for each additional can (tax included)
​​$48.88/cu.yd.* ​Loose Garbage
​​$16.00/ea.* ​Mattress, Box Spring, Recliner
​​$54.00/ea.* ​Sofa
​​$66.00/ea.* ​Sofa W/ Bed or Recliner

Materials & Equipment

Listed below are the material costs. We are currently purchasing supplies at retail cost. *We will be updating this later.

$30.00/each Puncture Resistant Insoles
$22.00/case Nitrile Gloves
$15.00/each Reflective Vests
$110.00/each Body Camera


Below are the costs associated with operating the website.

$20.00/month Hosting | Virtual Private Server
$45.00/month Plug-ins to maintain functionality of the website.
$?.??/month Google Maps API | We won’t know what this is until the website becomes busy accepting over 1k submissions.